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Police Patrol Dog Training

As a former United States Air Force Law Enforcement Patrol Dog Handler, Trainer, and Supervisor, Len Paquette primarily serves in a consultant capacity for Police Patrol Dogs, and Narcotics Detector Dogs.

Several Police Departments have called upon Canine Cadré to troubleshoot their dogs for areas that require special attention

On many occasions, Lenny has helped Police Patrol Dog Candidates, and their Handlers, to overcome obstacles, or impediments to their success, in such areas as Tracking/Trailing, Evidence recovery, Cadaver, and Scouting (air scenting) dogs.

Lenny and his team at Canine Cadré, can facilitate bite and drive building and build in the precise control needed with public contact. Lenny’s own references attest to his strengths in this field of endeavor.

We welcome inquiries by both Police Officers, and/or their departments. References are available on request.

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