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Canine Obedience

Does your dog need some obedience training? Canine Cadré can help you.

Does your canine need some obedience training?

Our obedience behavior training program is for clients who wish to further their dogs education from off leash training, advanced obstacles and specialized training for their individual needs.

Obedience Training Levels

There are three Phases – Intermediate I, Intermediate II and advanced.

  • Beginning of off leash healing
  • Greater obstacle emphasis
  • Intermediate level obedience
  • Engagement and confidence building
  • Continued of leash training
  • Hand signals
  • Distance training
  • Intense obstacles

We tailor our advanced program to meet the clients goals. Sometimes we train dogs for AKC competition, working dog sports, or search and rescue or other areas of concentration to meet client goals.

Our other Canine Cadré services


Let us help you decide which type of appointment you need.

A free evaluation is a 15-30 minute appointment where we meet you and your dog and structure a program to meet your goals.

A consultation is an in depth meeting that can take 1 to 2 hours to gather the behavioral sight picture. This is not a free service and is typically designed to assist handlers with more serious or aggressive situations.

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