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Canine Distraction Class

Our canine distraction class is where the rubber meets the road! Our classes include Controlled distractions to Confidence building.

Ready For A Canine Distraction Class?

Now we proof all of your dog’s newly acquired training and behavior modification under intense distractions.

We invite people from other programs to participate on most Saturdays at 10 am (no class during inclement weather or holiday weekends). There is a prerequisite of at least a basic obedience program including Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Stand, and increased Area of Influence training. Distraction Classes are free for those enrolled in our private programs.

What does the Canine Distraction Class include?

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Let us help you decide which type of appointment you need.

A free evaluation is a 15-30 minute appointment where we meet you and your dog and structure a program to meet your goals.

A consultation is an in depth meeting that can take 1 to 2 hours to gather the behavioral sight picture. This is not a free service and is typically designed to assist handlers with more serious or aggressive situations.

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