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Puppy Head Start Program

We accomplish early imprinting, and assist on puppy development based on years of research and practical application.

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Canine Behavior Modification

The Canine Cadre team uses a combination of canine behavior modification and training in drive to accomplish training tasks. Learn more about our program!

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Canine Distraction Class

Our Canine Distraction Class is where we proof all of your dog’s newly acquired training and behavior modification under intense distractions.


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Home Evaluations & Consultations

Too busy to visit Canine Cadre? We can provide in-home evaluation and work up a program for you for typical problem-solving and obedience.

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Grief Counseling For Owners

The death of a pet can hurt as much as the loss of a loved one and sometimes, the emotions that come with it may even be tougher to overcome. You don’t have to grieve alone.

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Reiki For Dogs

Reiki for dogs is an additional tool to calm them using energy centers. Lenny Paquette is a Certified Reiki Master and also uses Reiki in his healing arts for private clients.


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Hearing Ear Dog Training

If a family member is experiencing hearing loss and hearing aids are of no benefit, enlist your canine in our hearing ear dog training!

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Therapy and Service Dog Training

If you need your canine trained to provide comfort or a specific service for your special needs, sign up for our therapy and service dog training!


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Search and Rescue Dog Training

We do the “search” in the search and rescue part of the equation. We have trained many dogs for SAR. We do not perform the “rescue” part of training unless we are training with a Fireman or Paramedic.

inquiries by both Police Officers, and/or their departments.

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IPO/IGP Dog Training

Not all dogs are suitable for IPO. It can take months or years but first you need the right dog! just because you own a German Shepherd or Malinois doesn’t mean it is an ideal candidate. Find out if your canine is fit for IPO dog training today!

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Narcotics Dog Training

We provide Narcotics Detector Dog Training for police or federal agencies. Please contact Canine Cadre for program length, pricing, and availability. If you would like help with canine procurement, and/or importing, we can also facilitate that.

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Police Patrol Dog Training

As a former United States Air Force Law Enforcement Patrol Dog Handler, Trainer, and Supervisor, Len Paquette primarily serves in a consultant capacity for Police Patrol Dogs, and Narcotics Detector Dogs. We welcome inquiries by both Police Officers, and/or their departments.