Lenny Paquette and staff can train qualified canine candidates for Therapy Dog and/or Service Training.

We have three prerequisites:

1. Our comprehensive Behavioral Foundation Program and/or Puppy Foundation Program (for initial imprinting and exposure for puppies);

2. Canine Good Citizen Preparation and Certification and

3. A commitment to a training program designed for your particular dog and your training goals.

This requires a comprehensive goal statement.


Len Paquette and Canine Cadre have trained numerous dogs as Therapy and Service Dogs throughout the years. Jean and Lexi Balazy (Therapy and Service Dog) Sue Lloyd and Bear (Therapy Dog) Joan and Cora Greening (Service Dog) Al Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy (Service Dog for PTSD) among others.

Program prices range from $1500.00 up for Therapy Dogs (which we have a separate agency to certify so there is no bias) to $20,000.00 for Service Dogs (including procurement for canine candidates).

Ready For Therapy and Service Dog Training?