Using Principles of Canine Behavior Modification for training has been a staple of Canine Cadre since 1977. Achieving minor requirements in Psychology, while attending Central Connecticut State University, and utilizing these principles, Len Paquette and his team at Canine Cadre use a combination of Behavior Modification and Training in Drive to accomplish training tasks.

Clients come to us for answers when they require a laser approach to problematic behaviors that plague them. There becomes a time that owners want to have the dog live in their Cosmos, not live in their dog’s Cosmos. We take the Gestalt (the whole) approach, not just Heel, Sit Stay, Have A Nice Life. There is a huge difference in one on one training versus a cookie-cutter approach. We can train at our office or in the comfort of your home.


We are now offering the following services:


Canine Good Citizen Classes (CGC) 

The Canine Cadre crew will train you and your dog in preparation for the CGC test.

Ready For Canine Behavior Modification?