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How to get dogs to drink more water?

Like us, dogs need water for their healthy wellbeing and to stay hydrated.  Here are some recommendations to ensure that your dog gets what they need.

  • Always have fresh cool water available.
  • Always make sure the bowl is clean and free of dirt or odor.
  • Always have water with you if you are traveling, hiking, etc. from your source (water bottles that you bring from home)
  • Always have water available after exercise.  Their water intake should be limited for the first 20 minutes after vigorous exercise to avoid Bloat.

To encourage dogs that don’t seem to drink enough water, add a small amount of beef broth to the water.

  • Never share a water bowl with another dog or in a group setting.
  • Never let your dog drink from a puddle or stagnant water.
  • Never let them ingest too much salt water (at the beach!)

Although playing with a garden hose and your dog seems fun, it can have dangerous consequences.  If too much water is forced into their mouth and lungs and they vomit, you should seek emergency treatment as that is a sign of water intoxication.

How to get dogs to drink more water?


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