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Best experience ever
I brought my dachshund puppy Rolo to Canine Cadre and it was the best experience ever. As a matter of fact Rolo graduated today! Lenny is very knowledgeable and thorough and cares about the dogs he trains. He is very understanding and listens to the pet owners concerns and will work with your dog in every possible way. I have seen such a positive change in Rolo's behavior, all thanks to Lenny. I highly recommend Lenny and Canine Cadre. Thank you again for all your help.
Michelle Mac
Awesome trainer and awesome classes
Awesome trainer and awesome classes My dog was able to learn quickly and the trainer was very patient with him. Will definitely recommend it to anyone who needs their dog trained!
Paula Rubio
Lenny is awesome!
Lenny is awesome! He trains both canine and their Humans! I honestly wish I would have started my training here, but I am so glad I train with him now. My 16 month old BGSD LOVES Lenny! Dagda is learning so much! I highly recommend Lenny and his staff! Your dogs will thank you!
Cassie Jamerson
Len knows his stuff
Len knows his stuff he is great
Kelly Gilbert
Great Place.
Great Place. Really shows you how to train your dog. Ask for Eric 👍👍👍👍
Sean Gonzalez
Kat, you are wonderful
Kat, you are wonderful. Your love and knowledge of dogs and their behavior is so heartwarming and reassuring. You showed us patience and acceptance for our sweet Grasea's puppy behavior. You did a great job training us to be better dog owners. Can't wait for the next phase of training!
Juanita Champagne
Great Trainer!
Kathy Stephens was an excellent trainer for our two beagle mix puppies that we rescued as a sibling pair. She was very knowledgeable and experienced which allowed her to be able to help our puppies in the best ways. Kathy was very thorough in her approach to guide us how to best train our puppies. She is a great communicator that helps effectively correspond with you about issues that arise with your dogs. She was always accountable by attending each session. Kathy was able to help our puppies in wonderful through kind and patient guidance.
Karla Downey-Laffin and Nick Laffin
Love love love Canine Cadre!
Love love love Canine Cadre! We brought our German Shepard/Rottweiler puppy, Ryker, to them when he was about 3 1/2 months old and have been working with Mike ever since. Mike is incredibly knowledgeable and so fun to work with! They end every session “on a high note” and our dog loves it. He helped us work through Ryker’s anxiety and really allows his personality to shine. His obedience training has been going so well and even when Ryker isn’t in the mood, Mike is able to switch up the routine and regain Ryker’s attention quickly. The growth we have witnessed in our dog has been phenomenal and it’s all thanks to Canine Cadre! Can’t recommend them enough!
Jessica Budd
Kat is fantastic and I cannot thank her enough
Kat is fantastic and I cannot thank her enough for giving us the tools and confidence to right the ship on our dog’s reactive leash behavior. She is patient, kind, educates, and is the sweetest woman! We are still working with her and my biggest lesson is - don’t get discouraged, it takes A LOT of repetition and consistency to get an animal to learn. Thank you Kat!
Kimberly Vollono
Kathy was excellent to work with when training our rescue pup!
Kathy was excellent to work with when training our rescue pup! She is very knowledgeable, patient, and quick to adapt when traditional training was not working for our pup (she would get skittish very quick). She taught us a lot about the reasons why behaviors occur which was so important to better understand our dog and help her build confidence in certain situations! I would absolutely recommend Kathy and Canine Cadre for her expertise when training your pup!
Christie K
We have seen such a significant difference in our dog
Our dog Willy is 5 years old and we have struggled for several years to train him properly. With a new grandchild on the way we decided to give Canine Cadre a shot. Our expectations weren’t too high considering we’ve spent years trying to train him. After just 8 short weeks we have seen such a significant difference in our dog. He is much more docile, better with our guests and better on a leash. Mike has given us the tools and confidence we needed to feel comfortable with our dog around our guests and our new grandchild. We’ve had such an excellent experience with Mike our trainer and give him our highest recommendation.
Mary and Bob Vumback
I couldn’t be more happy that I found Canine Cadre
I couldn't be more happy that I found Canine Cadre. Before I started taking my rescue dog to training at Cadre we had used other trainers with no success. I wasn’t comfortable with them and either was my dog. The first time I went to Cadre and met Lenny and Mike they were awesome and listened to what struggles I was having with my dog. My dog was also comfortable around them which was also a big plus. He gets excited when I tell him where we are going and he enjoys his training! We started training with Mike who has been great and offering advice and encouragement to me. My dog has improved so much over the past two months. Our family has said how much calmer he is now that he has been going to training. I can actually go on a walk with him now without being pulled all over the place or pass another dog on a walk and not worry I won’t have control. Mike has given me encouragement and showed me how to control behaviors that occur. I couldn’t be more thankful for Cadre and especially Mike for all his help.
Sharon and Brendan Dunn
Kat The Miracle Worker
After purchasing two Shichon Puppies, I thought I would lose my mind. As luck would have it I was driving my car with the two puppies and happened to see their van. I took down the number and was blessed to have Kat be our trainer. From the moment she came to our home she had my dogs Listening and obeying in no time flat. If I didn’t witness this with my own eyes I would never have believed it. She has a way with animals like I’ve never seen before. It’s like they’re on the same wavelength. If it weren’t for Kat's training I don’t think I would’ve had my two dogs today. I would’ve given up long ago. It’s hard training one dog never mind 2. They are really such great company for me because they really listen. Small dogs have a tendency to be yappers. My two yap for a bit when someone’s in my yard But settle down as soon as I tell them to. Thanks a bunch Kat I don’t know what I would have done without you. Continued success.
Carol Dellacamera
Beans Is A New Dog!
I highly recommend Canine Cadre. My whippet / Pit mix was a rescue, who came to me with severe dog aggression. This has effected her quality of life. Her other behaviors had largely been overcome, but the dog aggression was an issue I couldn’t solve. 6 one on one classes later, and Beans is a new dog. Highly recommended!
Jose Perez
Lenny has really helped us with our dog
Lenny has really helped us with our dog. Have learned alot and we are only halfway. Pleasure to spend time with him.
Jay McGuire
Len worked wonders
I took a very headstrong Rottweiler there over twenty years ago, Len worked wonders with him. We just got a puppy who was very difficult, and finding out they were still training dogs was fantastic! We've only taken the pup once so far, and the pup has done a complete turnaround. Couldn't recommend highly enough!
I cannot recommend her highly enough!
I highly recommend using Canine Cadre, ask for Kat! Training with Kat was such a positive experience, I cannot emphasize enough what an impact she has made on us and our pup. We adopted a rescue puppy with so many anxiety issues which we felt we could not control, we were incredibly overwhelmed. I am so thankful the universe lead us to finding Kat. She quickly and confidently laid out a pathway to help B overcome his fears and bad behaviors, while helping us build our own confidence as dog owners. As far as her training expertise goes, it is amazing to see how quickly she can connect with a dog, reading their behaviors, being able to tell what’s fear, what’s stubbornness, what’s extra energy etc. When we stared our training, our dog would break out of not only the crate, but the window and the house because of his separation anxiety. Now he chooses to be in his crate. He would shake and drool in the car and now he jumps in on his own (were still working on the actual driving part). He has come a long way with his distracted “heel” command since her last visit just a couple days ago. She is SO incredibly knowledgeable, wonderful at teaching her clients the right ways to train (because there is no magic wand and you have to be willing to put in the work), breaking down behaviors and corrections so you understand the “why” and SUCH a pleasure to work with. I never for one second questioned her knowledge or abilities as the doggie expert! It is very clear that this is not just a job to her, it is a passion that she puts everything into. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Kelly Kish
Lenny truly has a gift. The original dog whisperer. Highly recommend.
Having been dog owners for years we thought we knew a lot about dog training but decided to take our new pup to Canine Cadre and Lenny because we had heard such great things and it had been quite a few years since we had had a puppy. Lenny’s knowledge of dogs and their behavior taught us things we had never even considered. Lenny truly has a gift. The original dog whisperer. Highly recommend.
Kim Tefft
Lenny is a great person as well as a great trainer. I meet Lenny at the Plainville YMCA in the 80s. He helped me and my Golden Retriever, King Midas from puppy training to privet classes ending with 2 titles , CD And C.D.X and now after close to 25 years later I am back with this time 2Golden Retrievers , after the basic obedience hoping to get in to search. and rescue. I would not trust any one else but the best - thank you Lenny .....
Doug Doughty
Susan Chenard
Lenny has an instinctual connection with dogs that puts them at ease and ready to train. I learned a great deal from him about how to read dog behavior that has given me a higher level of confidence as a handler. Zeus and I are now working together through non-verbal clues to handle situations that were previously frustrating for both us. I’m looking forward to learning more this fall.
Susan Chenard
Erica Zyjewski
Lenny was a life saver with our puppy. I was worried that he was acting too aggressively with our 8 year old boy. Lenny taught us so much, and Hunter is an awesome dog now. I'd recommend him to anyone. He truly has an amazing gift.
Erica Zyjewski
Lenny at Canine Cadre helped me prepare my dog to pass the Canine Good Citizen Test! Before starting here, I had failed the test but Lenny at Canine Cadre helped me work on the specific behaviors needed to succeed. I also learned a lot about human and animal behavior that help make the training process easier to understand and follow. They helped bring me and my dogs learning to the next level through the one on one training, distraction class, and knowledge of animal and human behavior. The biggest difference is they don’t just train your dog, they train you to train your dog!
Lauren Linares
I have an 18 month old lab named Sam. Our trainer was Lenny. He was knowledgeable and patient. He helped me work with Sam and understand how dogs behave. We have also attended group class, that they call distraction classes which was very good and challenged Sam's attention. I would easily recommend these folks anytime.
Anyone who works with you in training their pup is lucky to do so!
I sought out the help of Canine Cadre this past summer when our 4 month old puppy simply became too much for my husband and I to handle on our own. Dino and I were paired with Kathy, and it was the most rewarding experience ever. My husband and I had previously raised a pit bull, but this boy brought all new challenges. She was attentive, intuitive, and SO incredibly helpful. I looked forward to our weekly sessions, and I instantly saw major improvements with our puppy’s behavior and demeanor. Not only did my puppy learn but I felt like I learned so much about to raise him. I can’t thank Kathy and CC enough for your help! Anyone who works with you in training their pup is lucky to do so!
Francesca Biondino
Awesome programs to help you and your dog!
Have trained 4 dobermans with Lenny Paquette. He has awesome programs to help you and your dog. He has answers to the tough behaviors. I would go to Lenny for any program he offers. He has been the difference in my relationship with myself and my dog. Canine Cadre is truly a place where the "dog" comes first!
David Gregoire
Absolutely amazing work by Lenny!
Absolutely amazing work by Lenny! Our dog Cole was quite the GSD but with the help of Lenny he's become an amazing dog whose more respectful and well mannered than ever even learned German! I highly recommend him and the crew at Canine Cadre!
Kara Casale Rosa
The best training my dog (I mean me) has ever had.
The best training my dog (I mean me) has ever had. Thanks for training this human Lenny.
Patricia Hinkley
Definitely would recommend to others.
Since starting with canine cadre it's been a night and day difference on how my dog has been performing. Definitely would recommend to others.
Rob G.
Great people!
Customized programs for everyone. Great people!
John Rowley
I would recommend Lenny, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a dedicated, well informed trainer.
We brought our 6 year old Mastiff/Boxer cross to meet Lenny after we found out we were expecting. Bella had some previous training under her belt, but we were there to help teach her how to handle herself with a baby. Lenny was FANTASTIC. We never felt rushed and he shared more than the knowledge we paid him for. While his resume certainly proceeds himself, listening to his experiences, and watching him work really solidified he was the correct choice for our family. We have since completed our baby class and obedience program we signed up for, but he left us with his phone number in case any issues arise. I would recommend him, without hesitation, to anyone looking for a dedicated, well informed trainer. He not only understands how the dog learns, but WHY certain methods work and certain methods don't work for different dogs.
Elyse M.
Had our Frenchton Rocky trained with Lenny!
Had our Frenchton Rocky trained with Lenny...and bringing our new French Bulldog, Phoebe to puppy head start class.
Linda Misani

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